Apply for Housing through the Victorian Housing Register

If you need emergency housing because you're homeless, at risk of homelessness or escaping domestic violence go to for a homelessness information.

These organisations are also the first point of contact if you need:


Victorian Housing Register

The Victorian Housing Register (VHR) is now live. 

Phase 1 sees all existing public housing applications, as well as all new applications to Public Housing, form part of the VHR.

The Department of Health and Human Service (DHHS) staff will be using the VHR to manage and allocate public housing properties to clients.

Referrals to community housing under existing arrangements will also be drawn from the VHR.

Phase 2, scheduled to begin in 2017, will see the community housing lists merge into the VHR and Housing Associations and Providers working in the register to make allocations for eligible vacancies. 

The eligibility framework is available here.

Use the online application tool to apply for Public and Community Housing - see below for more information.

Online application

You can apply for social housing online using the VHR Application through myGov:

Once you have filled out the online application and attached any documents needed, a copy of the completed application will be sent to your email address.


Paper application

You can download and print the Register of Interest application and Priority Access application if you do not want to apply online.

You can also get copies of these applications from your local DHHS office.

These applications let you tell DHHS about yourself, another adult household member and up to four dependants or people under the age of 18 who will live with you.

If there are other adults or dependants who will live with you and you need more space, use the:

Additional adult household member form (.pdf) or additional adult household member (.doc)

Additional dependent children form (.pdf) or additional dependent childen (.doc).

If there are health-related reasons why you need to live in a particular place or type of property, get your health professional to complete the special accommodation requirements form (.pdf). An accessible version of the special accommodation requirements form (.doc) is also available.

Send the forms and the documents to:

Victorian Housing Register
Department of Health and Human Services – HCC
Reply Paid 933
Moe VIC 3825


Go to for more detailed information.