Staff satisfaction survey service

Voice Project is a research and consulting company aimed at improving organisations by giving people a voice. We do this primarily through 360, customer, and employee surveys. Since its inception in 2002, Voice Project has given a voice to over 800,000 people.

In partnership with CHFV, Blooming HR, and New South Wales Federation of Housing Associations (NSWFHA), Voice Project has developed a Community Housing Staff Engagement Survey. The aim of this survey is to provide a low cost but tailored and consistent approach to measuring staff engagement for all community housing service providers. This is in response to the existing approach in the community housing sector where, while facing similar HR and management challenges to other sectors, do not have a coordinated approach to surveying its staff. The long term goal of this survey is to improve the attraction and retention of the workforce within community housing.

The survey service is available to all members of CHFV, and the services include:

a)Access to the pre-designed Community Housing Staff Engagement Survey.

b)Access to external benchmarks against other Community Housing providers (Voice Project has currently surveyed Mission Australia Housing, On Track Community Programs, Bridge Housing, St George Housing, Hume Housing, North Coast Housing, Homes North Housing, and Wentworth Housing).

c)Access to historical benchmarking for repeat surveys.

d)Survey administration and data collection.

e)High level reporting, with quantitative and qualitative questions.

f)Departmental level reporting (e.g. Assets, Business Services).

g)Pre and post-survey support.

h)Optional presentation of results to the executive team.

If you would like to find out more about the survey, please contact Charlie at Voice Project, or Holly Mullaney at CHFV at or on 9654 6077. 


Charlie Zhang

Senior Consultant, Voice Project


p: 02 8875 2806

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