Tenant satisfaction survey service

CHFV is pleased to announce a new service to provide high quality, independent, industry led tenant satisfaction surveys to members. Our partnership, with our colleagues at the NSW Federation of Housing Associations (NSWFHA), will also allow community housing organisations to access tenant satisfaction benchmarking data relating to 14 core areas of tenant satisfaction.  To date the NSWFHA has conducted nine tenant satisfaction surveys in NSW and one in WA and the benchmarking data pool is expanding rapidly as new organisations come on board.

Here are ten reasons why we think you should consider using the tenant satisfaction survey service:

High quality:  The survey questions are based on best practice examples drawn from around the sector and on the UK’s leading tenant satisfaction survey, House Mark’s STAR survey.  Best practice methodologies have been adopted to ensure questions are balanced and fair and tested the survey’s layout and language with community housing tenants.  You will receive a high quality, comprehensive report into tenants’ view of your housing services, including insight into performance by program and geographic area. You will also be provided with recommendations based on an analysis of the data.

Flexible: The master survey has 104 best practice questions.  You can choose which ones to use and which to leave out.  Add your own questions to meet your local priorities and regulatory requirements or tailor ours.  The survey can offer an in depth survey or a high level summary approach, depending on your requirements. 

Independent:  By using this service you and your stakeholders can be sure that reports are independent, impartial and based on our extensive knowledge of the sector and tenant engagement best practice.

Connected:  The survey has been designed with the sector through a year-long consultation and development process. It will be refined each year to take account of sector requests and changing requirements, such as national regulation.

Easy: The whole survey process - from start to finish - can be taken care of. Including lay out, printing, professional post, processing of the data using automated text and data recognition software, and finally the provision of the findings and a professional and detailed survey report.  

It will save you time: For many organisations the tenant survey process is extremely time consuming for both senior staff and admin teams.  There are better things for your staff to be doing!

Support and advice available: Advice on a number of tenant survey related matters, such as how to increase the response rates and get tenants involved in the whole process will be provided.  Suggested content for workshops with tenants can be provided to get them involved from the start of the process, get involved in question selection and in follow up work.  

Assistance to meet regulatory requirements:  The survey has been mapped against the requirements of the National Regulatory System so that you can be sure that you are collecting the right data from tenants.  

Benchmarking:  The sector tenant survey contains 14 core questions, it is suggested all housing organisations ask.  This means that sector wide tenant satisfaction and engagement data is being generated.  All organisations that submit the results from these 14 core questions will be provided with an individual benchmarking  report which will compare their performance with the rest of the sector across these core areas.  

Online, tablet and translated versions available:  Online or tablet based versions of the survey can be arranged.  Translations are also available so that hard to reach groups can provide feedback using their first language. 

Did you know?

Other surveys are available, for example support agency surveys and contractor surveys.

Click here for more information, including a sample survey report.  

Contact Steve Staikos at CHFV 9654 6077 for more information. 

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