Community Housing Federation of Victoria


Community Housing Federation of Victoria (CHFV) is dedicated to ensuring that all Victorians in housing need can gain access to secure, affordable long term housing. The positive impact that such housing offers the individual and society as a whole is profound.

Access to affordable housing is one of those rights, and the positive impact this makes on the individual and in society as a whole is profound.

Secure, affordable housing for low income families allows children to receive a regular education, improves an individual’s physical and mental health, creates a stable environment for on-going employment, keeps families together, and carries many other positive social outcomes.

CHFV represents 73 community housing organisations, from the industry’s largest organisations that own and/or operate thousands of properties housing many thousands of tenants, to the smallest one or two dwelling operations. The larger organisations (8 Housing Associations and 33 Registered Housing Providers) are partially funded by the Federal and State Governments and have taken on responsibility for proactively growing the State’s stock of community homes.