Housing Associations

Housing Associations manage a combination of DHS properties and/or own other properties. They range in size from 400 properties to as large as 2000+. 

More like a traditional rental option, these organisations manage and maintain the property using their own staff. Housing Associations are eligible to receive Government funding to build or acquire new properties. In the past the state government has transfered a small number of properties to Housing Associations. 

For more information on the eight registered Housing Associations, visit our member sites:

Common Equity Housing Ltd www.cehl.com.au
Community Housing Limited www.chl.org.au
Housing Choices Australia www.hcau.org.au
Haven Home, Safe www.lmhs.com.au
Port Phillip Housing Association www.ppha.org.au
Rural Housing Network Ltd www.ruralhousing.com.au
Yarra Community Housing www.ych.org.au
Wintringham www.wintringham.org.au